Friday, July 17, 2009


Wow. This blog thing has really taken off. I had no inkling of the response it would generate. Thank you! So many wonderful people have commented, emailed or contacted me in some way. It's real validation. Catherine Witherell (whose HappyDayArt! blog is a great read), was so kind... she asked her readers to welcome me and put a great review of my book on her blog... and several of her readers contacted me–all truly appreciated!
"You are awesome!"
We can all use a little validation. There's a wonderful short film on YouTube called "Validation" that really makes me smile (granted, those of you who know me realize it doesn't take much). But this film makes most everyone smile. In case you are not one of the more than two million people who have already seen it, click the link (film title) and watch. Know that you need to relax and enjoy. It's well worth the 16 minutes of your time to watch this entire short... after all, there isn't one person on Earth who couldn't use a smile, and this will make you smile.

Recently, I had an experience that reminded me of this film... We have a UPS store in our neighborhood where I had to drop some packages for pick-up. I hadn't been to this store in a while, but the man who took my packages was just brimming with happiness. He said kind things about me for no reason and with no prompting. It wasn't odd or uncomfortable–just nice... very genuine. He talked about his wife and daughter and was really proud of them. And I didn't mind listening either... I didn't feel like rushing out of there. I got the feeling he must do this all day long. I left with a smile on my face. Maybe he saw this film, maybe not. Truthfully, I suspect he's just like that. But when I need to drop off another package, guess where I'm gonna go... ;-)

Enjoy the film, then go spread some smiles-say something encouraging... "validate" someone... and imagine a world where everyone does this... it's not world peace, but it's a start...


  1. Oh, it's whatshisname from Bones!! Great video! Happiness is a virus that is very contagious. If you've got it, spread it! ~ Katie

  2. Hey Cathy,

    Thanks so much for the little film "Validation". We all can use someone to spur us on, someone who sees what we can't see in us and makes us feel good about ourselves.

    Havea great day!

  3. BTW, I posted a link to website and blog on my blog acouple of days ago -- I hope yo get some lovely traffic! Emanda

  4. Wow, Cathy! When will you come and teach at HeightsArts again? Please!!

  5. I love that little movie and had everyone here watch it. I'm so glad those two found each other again.

    The other thing I wanted to tell you is that I am nutso koo-koo about mandalas and have been for a long time. Kaleidoscopes, daisies, circular patterns, pom poms... cupcakes!


  6. Your blog is awesome! Thank you for sharing such wonderful resources in the sidebar and also sharing yourself!