Monday, January 4, 2010

Friendship and Outreach

"Our lives are filled with simple joys and blessings without end, and one of the greatest joys in life is to have, or be, a friend." This quote has always been a favorite. I wish I could credit the author - I googled it and found something close to what I remember, but with no credit given.

Earlier this week I read the blog of my friend Gail Lannum, who talked about her friend Michele Goldstein. It seems that some of Michele's other friends, Gail Crossman Moore and Anne Mitchell started an effort to help their "friend in need... caring around the clock for the dying father of her children." She has had to cancel shows and is looking at an uncertain future for herself and sons.

By all accounts (Michele's friends), Michele is someone you'd want for a friend. According to her friends she is "the kindest of souls and is always generous." These friends have asked people to "read and pass on" their requests. Since I don't know Michele personally, I didn't feel I could just paste and forward, but I plan to help and thought that at least I could make the connection for anyone else who might feel likewise. So if you want to learn more, click on the links above. I hope this outreach does her some good.

Michele, my thoughts are with you. Gail, Gail and Anne, you too are kind souls reaching out for help for your friend. May she be blessed with all she needs.

"One of the greatest joys in life is to have, or be, a friend."

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