Monday, December 27, 2010

Way behind in the photography department...

There just aren't enough hours in the day!

People keep asking to see my latest work... but you see, the thing is, I've been creating new pieces but not photographing them as often as I should. Seems like I've mostly been making new earring styles. If you've read this blog right along, you know I love making earrings.

Here's a recent earring design - the only one I've photographed lately.

I'm planning on making some improvements and adding more work to my Etsy shop in the next few weeks - before classes begin again. I've got dozens of earrings to put in the shop (which means taking lots of pictures!).

Guess I'll just have to find some more hours in the days ahead...


  1. I am singing the exact same song. I never take the time I should to photograph my work. This is a beautiful photograph of beautiful earrings. Adding regularly to my Etsy site is my new Year's resolution!

  2. I still just love these earrings so much. They're gorgeous.