Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ring A Week #2

Here's ring # 2... another Faux Bone creation. The stone is Leopard Jasper. 

This Ring A Week challenge is shaping up to be even more fun than I expected. And the challenge I gave to myself was to try NOT to use my usual materials for everything. But if I do use them, I'll need to incorporate them with other materials in a new way - just to shake things up a little and stir the creative pot. I find I'm already sketching well into the next few weeks - excited about what is to come. The ring for week #3 is in the works and I'm hoping to finish and post it soon - so I'm all caught up by the end of the week.

The stone on this ring is secured in place with a copper rivet and insured in place with epoxy. The stone fit well without the epoxy, but I didn't want it to move. With the combination of the copper and the plastic, I didn't trust the rivet enough it to hold it tight... so it's chemically bonded. I tried a couple of different finishes on the FB but really wasn't thrilled with them. I didn't like the aged look as much as the more dramatic juxtaposition of the natural stone against the plastic. 

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