Sunday, January 24, 2010

Studio tour

January has been "organization month" in my little corner of the world. I've spent the beginning of the year on "housecleaning" (though my actual house has not been the beneficiary of this effort). The website has been redesigned, the Etsy shop has a new banner, paperwork is pretty much in order (including sales tax and prep for filing THE tax return), some new photos were shot, plus - I cleaned up the studio. There is more to do, but the month isn't over yet...

Of course we all tidy our workspaces with some regularity, but I recently spent several days creating order out of chaos. It was the chaos manifested by that craziness which begins every October and lasts through December (the rest of the year is a more like an ebb and flow of "controlled chaos").

This week, flat spaces were uncovered. Tools, trays of findings, beads and such, were returned to their proper places. And now, I'm really looking forward to working on the many projects I have planned for the next few months - in my oh-so-tidy space.

Since the studio was all picked up, I snapped a few pics. Here's a "photo tour" of the entire 180 square feet that is my studio.

the view from the doorway

close-up of the metalworking bench area

the metal clay side of the table

the enamel side of the table

the kilns and soldering corner (beyond the table)


  1. OMG It's huge! I'd kill to have that much work space. Well, I'd kill a roach at least. ;D My Studiolo is just 8.5' x 9' including furniture!

    My down time has been percolating since late November and frankly I'm sick to death of it. But thanks for the support and hope for my future emergence!

  2. You look so organized! Maybe this will serve as a kick in the pants to me to go clean up my own space. ;-)

  3. As usual, you're an inspiration to us all. Since you've been practicing how to get tidy, maybe you could come make sense of my chaos? I have a huge studio for a city girl, and absolutely nowhere to work except a 6" x 6" space on one of the tables. At least I THINK there's a table under there...

  4. This is truly amazing. What an artist you are. Rick and I would love to take a tour. My niece is an artist, and she would love this. In addition, her grandma is very artsy, as well. Oh, Cathy, this truly is an art work in the room itself. And the examples of your work, how gorgeous. What joy I've received by looking at this. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for all the kind words! Lora, my last studio was about that size! Vickie - hope it works - take pics! Donna, the 6"x6" space is really all you need - and mostly what I use (except now that I actually FOUND the table)... And I wish I could offer real tours, but the "virtual tour" is all we have - my business insurance won't permit me to have any "open studio" events... but thanks and glad you like the place!

  6. Of course I've been curious. What a wonderful space. Love all the drawers and cubbyholes. Thanks for posting all this. Isn't it funny how workspaces themselves are inspiring? --PH