Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting creative in the New Year

New earrings in the shop!
First of all - Happy New Year!

Ok, I know I'm a couple of weeks late - but I've been too busy getting my ducks in a row to post anything. There were photos to shoot for the Etsy shop (re-stocking), show applications to get started (thinking I'll get back to doing more this year), then there are taxes to file, you know the drill...

The first weeks have been about trying to knock off those nuts-and-bolts kind of goals so I can sink my teeth into more creative stuff. It was important to get those under way before the new session of classes begins next week.

You may remember I'm not so much into "New Year's resolutions." My philosophy is: if you want to change or achieve something, just dig in and do it now (usually this works). Last year I talked about my goals in terms of taking steps on a creative journey. Some of those steps I achieved, others I didn't - but no matter. Sometimes just putting down on paper (or into your smart phone) those things that deserve your attention can work them into your life.

I don't know about you, but I like to make lists. I don't always follow them (or even remember where I've put them), but the act of making them seems important. There are both the short term lists (get it done today or this week) and the longer term ones (the idea stuff).

My creative (goal) list is the one I'm focused on now. To get my creative brain into gear I joined the Ring A Week flickr group. It's going to be a challenge-but a good one. I don't usually make a lot of rings, but why not? Sometimes making something different helps to stir your creativity. So far I have put this first ring up (another view). I wanted to play around with different materials. It's one I started in Faux Bone (with an enamel glass bead I made) and finally got the inspiration to finish it. I've got the ring for week two almost ready - and then I (just) need to photograph it.

Hope your New Year is off to a creative start. Let the Art-Making begin!

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  1. So glad you're in RAW. I think you're gonna make some amazing rings. it's nice to play with a new form. I'm heavily into brooches. At least in my mind. I'm hoping to manifest some of them soon.